In service of industries :  

  • Water treatment chemicals, Resins, Water filters, Softners, Water Purifiers, Polyelectrolytes, DM Plants

  • Fanless Induced Draft FRP Cooling Towers

  • Steam Traps, Pressure Reducing Valves/Stations, Control Valves, Safety Relief Valves, De-Superheating Stations, Complete Range of Industrial Valves & Industrial Filters

  • Instrumentation for monitoring flow, temperature, pressure, level, pH & conductivity etc. for control & automation of industrial processes

  • Refrigerated/Desiccant Air Dryers, Automatic Drain Valves

  • Speciality Lubricants & Maintenance Aerosols

  • Alignment Kits, Pullers, Bearing Fitting Kits etc. for easy maintenance

More than 25 years of know
how & experience as solutions
providers for industrial applications

Represent professionally managed leading companies having a reputation for quality & performance reliability of their products.

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