The Secret of Symbiosis

Take a closer look at these migrating birds. Each goes to its optimum flight position and then constantly coordinates with the other birds, the wind and the force of gravity.

We view our relationship with our customers in precisely the same way as the harmonious unity that exists in nature (mutually beneficial).

Freedom with responsibility and willingness to perform & cooperate - these are the ingredients that characterize team work at Kalpana Chemicals / UK Specialties and everyone in the organization contributes his best towards providing optimum, customized service to every customer.

  • Promoted by technocrats, starting in 1985 with focus on engineering solutions for process industries, we have established ourselves as leading supplier of a range of quality endorsed products from reputed companies like M/s. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. - Mumbai, M/s. Puriflair (India) P. Ltd. - Baroda, M/s. Anand Engineers P. Ltd. - Mumbai, M/s. InductoKool Systems - Hyderabad, Basu Engineering - Puna, M/s. Darling Muesco ( India ) - Ahmedabad, M/s. KOBOLD - Germany, Macnaught - Australia etc.
  • Catering to the needs of all major Cement, Power, Automobile Engineering, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Textile and Foodstuff industries etc.
  • More than 18 years of know-how and experience in sales and marketing of a wide range of products from speciality chemicals and lubricants to engineering & control-automation of industrial processes.
  • We are a team of qualified and experienced personnel providing efficient back up support to our customers before and after sales. Our Sales engineers are direct representatives of our customers. They have great influence within the company. Our customers can rely on them totally, beginning with detailed consultations right through to start up and regular maintenance and servicing.
    Complaints should any occur are not annoying interruptions, but rather a chance for us to learn how we can and must make improvements to satisfy our customers.
  • Personnel discussion and on site advice play a fundamental role in our profession. The know how our people need to carry out these important functions is acquired through regular training and mutual exchange of information.
  • We believe in continuity and long-term services.
  • We are not complacent and we do not rest on our laurels. Standing still something we will never be able to do nor accept.
  • We have developed our own spirit of motivation.
  • We have never relied solely on upswings in the market and have steadily grown over the years to meet challenges.
Together these ingredients have made us a strong and successful company. We continue to move in the forward direction. The needs of the customers will naturally remain our prime concern.

This is how we see ourselves in the market, offering both solutions and services to our customers. These are the foundations of our future development.

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